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The mission of Green Cremation Texas is to empower families through the thoughtful adoption of technology and innovation, while reducing the stress and environmental impact brought on by traditional funeral practices. We do this through empathetic support coupled with an unique approach to cremation.

We are Texas’s only carbon-neutral funeral home; we use no paper and utilize only recycled material during the cremation process. Intently focused on providing a high level of care throughout your time with us, we aim to return control over the end of life process back to you and your family.

We are a fully-licensed funeral home with nearly 20 years of experience. Melissa, our licensed funeral director, is a proud supporter of both the National Home Funeral Alliance and the Funeral Consumers Alliance.

Our Team

Melissa N. Unfred is a dual licensed funeral professional undertaking progressive death care. She provides unique insight into the Funeral Service Industry with a lens of over 20 years observation and participation, and advocates for those desiring a different approach to caring for their own.

She is shadowed by her sidekick, Kermit the Dog, who in March of 2017 became the first certified therapy dog working in funeral service in the State of Texas. Melissa and Kermit serve their community and present often to Non-Profit Organizations and Educators across the country both in person and online.

After numerous accolades online and in print, she resumed hands-on interaction with families seeking easy end of life options by opening Green Cremation Texas.

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Our commitment to dignified funeral care extends to its impact on the Earth. We believe death should be handled in a way that does not harm the environment.

One way we do this is via flame cremation. This method utilizes flame, but also takes great care to minimize the negative ecological impacts. For example, bodies are wrapped in a cotton sheet instead of plastic, and biodegradable cremation urns can replace the traditional black plastic box.

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For those who wish to further minimize the environmental impact of cremation, we offer aquamation. This is a progressive funeral service technique that completely eliminates the use of a flame. It is the most environmentally friendly method of body disposition available.

Water cremation uses 90% less energy than flame cremation and produces absolutely zero greenhouse gas emissions.

To learn more about how this simple cremation process works, click here.

A Dignified Cremation Funeral

  • Green Cremation Texas believes everyone is entitled to have their death handled in a compassionate manner regardless of religious affiliation, sexual identification, or any other classification. We encourage you to feel empowered to care for your own in a way that respects their end of life wishes.

  • If you are looking for information to help you create cremation plans for the future, or just have questions about any part of the process, we're here to answer them. Get in touch with us by sending us an email from our contact page. We will respond within 24 hours.

  • We currently directly serve those in Central Texas, however, If you are anywhere in Texas, we may still be able to help. If you have a death, please call 512-537-1973 to speak directly to our funeral director.

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